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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our two choices this election?

There is more fear in this election then I have seen in my short lifetime.  Even among believers who should be trusting God, as we (should) know he has the situation well in hand. 

The rationale for voting for the lesser of two evils to try and control what takes place seems a lot like the ends justifies the means which as most who read this blog would agree (I think) is very unbiblical. 

If someone tells you to kill someone or they will kill 3 people, are we justified in murdering an innocent to possibly save three?  What about to save 5, 10, a million?  What about nuking Iran to possibly prevent them from attacking Isreal?  What about killing an innocent pregnant woman who is about to scream and prevent a special forces team from taking out a terrorist? 

Tough situations, I agree, but the Bible seems to tell me that I am to do good, and to trust the results to be in God's hands.  This would seem to mean that the ends cannot justify the means, because I can't control the end, only the means.

Ok, back to the election.  If this is true, then I should vote for the best man for the job based on my knowledge, regardless of what I think the end should be.  I am responsible for my actions, not the actions of others. I do not know God's plans, but I know he loves me and wants what is best for me.. and he knows more then me.  That means, that I should vote for the man I am convinced is the best whether Romney, Johnson, Obama or Goode.. or even that Jill character.

Lastly, as this is not an eternal issue, do not part friendship over this.  Debate, argue if you can do it and still break bread, but don't break fellowship with our eternal family.  

I would love to see what people have to say about this.