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Friday, March 19, 2010

Missionary letter from my dad.

Partners in International Ministry March 2010

Dear Friends,

The significance and necessity of believing prayer has been strongly impressed upon me anew in the last few weeks. A long-time friend recently informed me that he prays for me every day. His loyalty and faithfulness really impacted and humbled me. John Wesley said "God does nothing but in answer to prayer." H. Cameron Townsend wrote "The secret of all failure is prayerlessness." Because he let me know of his prayers for me, I emailed him the following quote that had started my renewed focus on prayer:

"Prayer is an act of spiritual defiance of what is, in response to what God has promised. The shape of the future will be determined by those who can survey all its possibilities and by faith grasp one as possible. History belongs to the intercessors, those who believe the future into being." - Sundar Krishnau

Think of it. Through prayer we are creating history! How amazing, how incredibly important believing prayer is. How humbling is the responsibility and privilege of requesting God's intervention. Writing these things to my friend brought tears to my eyes. To think that the awesome Creator deigns to act in this, His world, because you and I ask Him to do so!

Please continue to pray that I and various mission groups and pastors will be led of the Lord as we continue to fill in my schedule and determine what should be taught in each separate location and day. So far my schedule includes the following:

During May, I am to work with Christian Associates church planting ministry In Belgium teaching Apologetics. Also It looks like I’ll be returning to Simferopol, Crimea to teach at the Christian College , a couple of state universities and two of the local churches as I have for the past five years. Then I move on to Kharkov, Ukraine to teach at the School Without Walls and some village churches

The beginning of June I'll be presenting at the Eurasian apologetics Summit in Donetsk, Ukraine. We are finalizing arrangements for me to help train emerging leaders for Christ in Armenia for two weeks. Also in June, I'll be working with a Luis Palau Next Generation Alliance evangelist assisting pastors and young churches In Macedonia.

If any of you happen to be near on March 21 at 10 am. I will be sharing from the Bible and experiences overseas at a wonderful contemporary church called Sorrano Hills. They meet at the Pioneer Middle School in North Tustin off Tustin Ranch Road. My sharing will be in regard to the Protection and Provision of God.

Let me remind you that if you or someone you know would like to gain some insight on intellectual issues from a University professor simply log into They share their journey to Christ and are willing to respond to questions about the Christian faith. In addition to your partnership in prayer, those of you who feel led to be financial partners can make out a check to:

Partners In International Ministry and mail it to: 1218 E. First ST. Tustin, CA 92780. Or you can paypal It is a non profit organization.

Yours for the re-evangelization and spiritual renewal of Europe,

Gerald Tilley