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Sunday, August 21, 2011


News update! I have relocated to Texas and happy to be here! I found a great church that is clear on the Gospel of Grace! Here is my dad's latest letter. If you want information for supporting him, let me know.

Partners in International Ministry August 2011

Dear praying friends,

The United States has been experiencing more tragedies and a lot more trials than usual the last few years. Isaiah wrote that those who choose another God (other than the only true one) multiply their sorrows. Could it be God is attempting to wake us up to the peril we are in as a nation because of replacing Him? We desperately need a Bible based spiritual awakening!

This year my ministries have been limited to the Southern California area. In late July I taught a short module for the California Biblical University on the LDS church, commonly known as Mormons We covered the early history and the beliefs of this cult showing that its several 'holy books' contradict each other, and contradict the reliable text of the Bible. They also contradict Anthropology and history. Contrary to its current claims- it is definitely not Christian. It claims to be the only true church and in fact was intended by its founder to replace Christianity.

Already this month I have taught another module. This one was on the Jehovah's Witnesses. Though this cult is very different in most ways from Mormons there are also similarities. Both diminish the nature of God the Father but in different ways. Both teach the Jesus Christ was a created being instead of one of the Trinity from eternity. JW's teach that the Holy Spirit is merely the moral influence or active force of God. They take verses out of context and frequently mistranslate the Bible in passages that conflict with their false teachings Both cults make salvation dependent upon works. Both falsely claim to be Christian. Both are condemned by the Apostle Paul as "deserting Him who called you by the grace of Christ for a different gospel, which is really not another, only there are some who are disturbing and want to distort the gospel of Christ." Galatians 1:6-9.

The third module on the cults is on Islam. It is important to understand this cult because of its false teachings regarding the Father, Jesus and salvation. It also is becoming more prominent, and influential due to extensive immigration to the US and because of support by some misguided national and local political leaders. This class is planned for September 6,8,9. Some of our regular students work on Saturday mornings and therefore have not been able to attend the final sessions. This time the sessions are on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings eliminating the Saturday class. We begin at 6:30 pm. To audit is $25. To take for credit is $50. Contact Dr. Martin Mosier for additional information or to enroll at 714-730-9874.

The rapid growth of all three of these cults and the continuing problems facing our nation are to be seen as serious motivation to prayer and to the proclamation and defense of the Biblical Gospel by all genuine believers.

Nancy still has some pain from the knee replacement surgery though less than prior to it. She has not scheduled the second knee yet. Instead of that surgery she has had carpal-tunnel surgery on her right hand. That has been healing well and has greatly relieved the pain after about six weeks. In mid September she plans to have the left wrist done as well.

Thanks for your continued prayers for us, for the growth and direction of the ministry and for our nation's need of a Biblical revival!

For spreading the knowledge of Christ,

Gerald Tilley