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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Works Needed For eternal life?

Ok I am going to post the 3 views I am aware of and would love feedback.

1) Works are needed for eternal life.   John 3:16 was not everything you need to receive it.. or a slight variation is that you gain it with belief but lose it with out works.  Since the end result is identical I see no difference. Either way, if you are not good enough you don't make it, which puts you in the chair of saving yourself.

2) Works AUTOMATICALLY follow if you are a "real" believer.  No works (or not enough works), no eternal life.  Very similar to # 1 but a variation of it.

3) Works enhance your life and earn rewards AFTER you have become a believer and received eternal life.  Failure to do so may lead to harsh consequences but not a loss of the gift of eternal life.

If you can think of something that does not fall into these, please share!