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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Logical and Humorous reasons why we cannot lose eternal life once gained.

1. Everyone whom God knows is going to enter
heaven, will enter and is therefore eternally secure.

2. Conditional security would mean that the "savee"
would keep himself saved by doing all he should be
doing and abstaining from all from which he should
abstain. That would be impossible.

3. There's no record in Scripture of anyone ever being
saved more than once. This implies that either there's
only one chance to "hold on" or else eternal security is
true. (In the chorus of the hymn "Ye Must Be Born Again"
the tenor sings, "ye must be born again". The bass
sings, "again" and "again" and "again". George
Boyajian quipped that he agrees with the tenor but he
disagrees with the bass.)

4. Salvation by grace and eternal security go together.
If salvation is by grace, eternal security naturally follows.
Salvation "by grace" means that salvation is something
that's done for us. If salvation could be lost, where
would be the salvation by grace in such an

5. If eternal salvation could end, the word "saved"
wouldn't really mean saved. It would only mean
probation. "Probation by grace" for eternal life isn't
taught in the Bible.

6. Eternal life is a present possession. It's bestowal
doesn't await physical death.

7. Eternal life cannot end. It isn't something separate
from the believer like a piece of clothing that can be put
on and taken off. If God gave someone only 5, 10 or 20
years of "eternal" life and then took it away, why would
He call it eternal?

8. To deny eternal security and at the same time to
believe ones self to be saved would be to say that one
is keeping himself saved. That is, he would be making
himself out to be his own savior.

9. Eternal security is in keeping with the gospel being
good news. Conditional security is not.

10. Eternal Security honors Christ by recognizing Him
as the only Savior.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

From Suarez The Doctrine Of Unconditional Submission

Hoping to open up some discussion on this. 

The Doctrine Of Unconditional Submission

Lets discuss the doctrine of unconditional submission. Or simply put, that God requires us to submit unconditionally to the governing powers, regardless of what they ask. I don't believe such a doctrine is biblical.  

Many Christians are uncomfortable with the idea that they would ever have to refuse to obey a law, much less actively resist authority, but that may be what is needed in some situations. Rom 13:1 Let every soul be in subjection to the higher powers: for there is no power but of God; and the powers that be are ordained of God.  

Where there is conflict, we stand on God's word as the basis of our beliefs and are no longer subject morally or ethically to do what the government says. God is the ultimate authority, and whatever we do must be in line with His will. As long as His will and the governments is the same, no problem. But when there is a difference, we ALWAYS stand on the word of God. God is sovereign and omnipotent and rules all.

Don't believe it? Consider Hitler. Would it have been proper for a Christian to have submitted to Hitler? Absolutely not. Consider something as minimal (in today's context) as King George's taxes on the American Colonies. When compared to today, few of us would even blink an eye about something so minor.  Yet in those days it was enough to go to guns.  And had American Patriots not resisted we would not now be a nation today.  Today we see the glimmerings of anti-Christian laws (illegal to pray in school, illegal to invoke the name of Christ, etc.).  How will you resolve to submit to that oh, Christian??
The Bible is full of examples where good people of God directly disobeyed the orders of their ungodly kings. 

Examples include the Hebrew midwives who disobeyed Pharaoh's order to kill babies in Exodus 1:16-17, the flight of Moses from Egypt after killing the Egyptian in combat, Rahab lying to the king in Joshua 2:4, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego disobeying the king in Daniel 3:13-20, and Daniel disobeying the king in Daniel 6:10.  And lets not forget Joseph fleeing to Egypt with Mary and Jesus in direct disobedience to Herrod in Matthew 2:14.  And our Lord Jesus was certainly not an unconditional submissive when He challenged the Pharisees, cleansed the Temple, and taught His people.

Clearly God also allows evil men to come to power as chastisement for a people. Insofar as these men do not trample the word of God, or make it illegal, we can continue under their control. (Consider Hitler, Stalin, PolPot, Hussein, and Chavez)  The moment they compel you by force (how else does ANY government get people to obey?) to deny the faith or compel you to do things contrary to God's will, the submission role is over and the sword of Luke 22:35 must come out to play.
Did you know the laws of our own civil government adopt this view? According to the Declaration of Independence, the "laws of nature and of nature's God" are laws higher than the laws of England (and, by implication, higher than the laws of any human civil government). The laws of nature are God's moral law written on the heart as the conscience, and the laws of nature's God are the laws of God revealed in the scripture.

The Declaration of Independence also says that it is not merely our right, but also our duty, to throw off civil authority when that civil authority shows that its goal is to reduce the people under absolute despotism.

Unconditional submission to anything or anyone except God Himself, amounts to idolatry. This includes good things as well as bad ones. Remember Peter's bold answer to the ruling Council: Act 5:29  And Peter and the apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.

Seems very clear to me.  So why do so many churches and so many pastors ignore this?  One is easy.  It is easy to simply go along.  It is easy to not make waves, not lose any tithe money, and simply bow the head and do as you are told. I say no!
This ill-conceived and misinterpreted doctrine must be purged from the minds of believers.  Under normal circumstances we should submit to just and necessary laws and rules, but when those same rules become ungodly and unjust,  we must make a choice - follow God or follow man.

It has been said at Warrior Talk's Christian Warrior sub-forum that "the natural human tendency is to rebel unless given good reason to submit, and that God intends us to submit unless given good reason to rebel."