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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wow, Texas BBQ is incredible. Our family is adjusting well, and our home is close to being done. Here is the latest update from my Dad with a short but important study on the book of Colossians. More evidence that you cannot lose eternal life.

Partners in International Ministry, September-November 2011

Dear Partners,

For several years I have been working on a commentary on the book of Colossians. I have also taught the entire book as well as sections of it on several occasions. There are many verses that have impacted me greatly. One such verse is 1:13 where speaking of God, Paul states " for He delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son."

delivered”=rhuomai, to draw to oneself. We were not merely rescued, emancipated, and conveyed from one destiny to another but these things were the result of the Father drawing us to Himself. He did for us that which we were incapable of doing. This is not a gradual deliverance nor a future one. The verb tense shows this was accomplished, completed in the past, which was at the cross when he achieved deliverance for all, and specifically for each one of us at the time of our individual salvation when we responded to the gospel. Like slaves, we were freed, released from the authority and controlling power that was previously over us. We had to have divine intervention to escape from this bondage which held us. To be delivered is to be free of the authority, and power of that domain which once controlled our lives and our destiny. Because of God's action we are presently citizens of a new kingdom and under the authority and power of the rightful king with a completely changed destiny.

transferred us” methistemi, to change, pervert. Our status and future was dramatically altered, the evil purposes of darkness were perverted so they have no more authority over us. This too refers to an event that happened at salvation. This concept was used in the first century of deposing a king, firing a worker, executing someone or removing a defeated population from their previous location to the victorious nation, which is the specific idea here. Each usage referred to someone’s situation, their life and future being significantly and permanently altered. Our life and destiny were significantly and permanently altered by God from that of a hopeless and helpless slave of the realm of darkness to the glorious future inheritance of the saints in light because God has delivered us from that prior status through the work of His Son.

The end of the Fall semester at Cerritos College is quickly approaching. I have just begun to make some tentative contacts for the May-June 2012 ministry expedition. I already have definite invitations to return to Belgium and to a new city in the Ukraine. I have also contacted ministries in Spain, Portugal, France and Germany. Soon I plan to contact other locations where I have previously been involved. I am also open to God leading me to new situations and locations if that is His plan.

* Please pray with me the I will know which invitations are the essential ones to pursue.

* Pray with me that God will again work out the schedule that s according to his plans.

* Please also pray that Nancy will be up to joining me for part of the mission.

Your gifts are tax deductible as long as you use only the name of the Mission on the check. Please send donations to: Partners in

International Ministry, 1218 E. First St., Tustin, CA 92780

Thanks for continuing to partner with me,